See the little pink arrow pointing to "El Comitan Pier".
Here is the Hacienda del Sol, only 11 miles away from
downtown La Paz at the inner bay.
Here, have a closer look at the location
The Coordinates for the Hacienda del Sol are:
24º 07' 58.40" N   110º 25' 28.12" W
Go to Google Earth and zoom in for a close up.
Now here is how to drive coming from La Paz:
From town go north in the direction to Tijuana.
You will pass the airport road at the village of Chametla. Keep going to the village of
El Centenario.
After you exit the little town, you will see at Km 17 a sign "San Juan de La Costa"
and a Pemex gas station.
Enter the one way street and immediately after the Pemex in about 50 yd turn right on the
paved road.
There are signs "CIB" and "Centro de inv. Biologico".
Go down for exactly 1 Km to the ONLY intersection and turn right on to the graded road.
See the power poles on your right with the street numbers. At # 3 turn left.
You will pass an intersection and then after about 200 yd, 120 yd before the beach is the
office of the Hacienda del Sol.
There is a yellow Tope (bump) sign and the whole Hacienda has a huge natural hedge.
There are signs over the entrance gates and at night there will be lighted cacti and palms.
If you miss us, go back to the gas station and give us a call at 612-123-5440
Since you would be the first one in all the years, it will cost you a beer. HA
Any question? See our FAQ site.

When you see the nice bay at the Google picture,
imagine sailing the protected water in our
Hobby - Cat 16 and getting wet all over. HA