On a property of more than 1/2 acre are only 8 RV lots for long term visitors.
We kept it small, so that every guest has a nice big lot and not just a tiny
concrete spot.
This gives you the opportunity for a garden or if you don't have a "green thumb"
for an outside kitchen and a big patio.
Do it yourself if you are handy.
The beach is in about 150 yd. Grab the fishing
pole and catch your dinner. No license needed!
The mesquite BBQ is prefect to grill the fish
or a great T-bone.
And talking about meat, we love to tell you
where to get the best meat in the world.
Every place has his own water meter,
electric meter, 50 Amp. breaker and
sewage connection to our treatment
The swimming pool is treated by an Ionizer. This means there are no more
chemicals in the water and it is absolute clean. No more bleached hair!!
When building the pool, there was an 800 year old cactus in
the way we did not want to chop down.
He has more rights to be here than we do.
So, we built him an island and planted some flowers around
for "company" and now everybody loves it.
Under a shady Palapa is a setup with
table and chairs to come together,
enjoy a meal or make yourself a
"Happy Hour".
Of course, for the sun fanatics are
a few deck-chairs to get "roasted".
There is also an outside shower and
a rack for the towel.
Imagine, sitting on the steps inside
the pool up to the neck in warm water, a
cold beer on the island rim in the shade
ready to enjoy, can it be any better than
There is also shaded parking.
Our nice swimming beach to go fishing and collect
Keep in mind, that the living cost in La Paz will be marginally lower than up north.
La Paz has a great cultural offer, plenty of restaurants with excellent food at very low prices.
Just as an example, a really big fish fillet with salad, rice, beans several salsas with Nachos runs
at only 75 Pesos to may be 110 Pesos.
A break job for the car including material and labor will cost about 850 Pesos.
If you like to see the latest Hollywood release with Spanish subtitles in a cinema, figure about 30 Pesos.
La Paz has the best milk, coffee, honey and meat in the world.
Eggs are mostly from free running chicken like the chicken you buy to BBQ, the pork tastes like pork,
don't even think about putting steak sauce on your beef, it really tastes like beef and is not tasteless  
as water like you have up north.
Talking about water, the water here is absolutely clean and potable.
Most of the fruits and vegetables are not sprayed with pesticides and the tomatoes taste like your own
home grown from your balcony.
Also, the crime is extremely low. Compared to even a small village up north, they would be happy to
have such a low rate.
A women can walk at night through the darkest streets and nothing will happened to her.
Sure, some women might be disappointed by that. HA
Don't believe all the BS you hear up north about danger in Mexico. It will be much more dangerous
walking in Oakland at daytime than here at night.
Read this great article about crime in Mexico compared to the USA, printed by a magazine in San
If you need a forwarding mailing address, you are welcome
to use our Box.

Accommodation Plus S.A. de C.V.
Calle 3, Lote 6
Col. Comitan
Aptdo. Poatal 374
23000 La Paz, B.C.S

If you want to call us or like to receive a call,
Our telephone number from up north USA or Can. is
And yes, we have wireless broad band high speed Internet
To watch TV, bring your Shaw receiver
along with the dish. No problem to set
it up here for a great reception.
Direct TV doesn't work down here and
Dish network needs a 6 foot dish.
We answer EVERY mail, vacancy or not.
If there is no answer by us in 24 hrs, check
your Spam folder or try it again.
We might not have received your mail.
We have here at the inner bay a comfortable climate.
In summertime it is much cooler than in town and
in wintertime much warmer.
La Paz has a desert climate with warm but dry days
and cool nights.
Even in August the temperature at night will be
clearly below 20 Centigrade, or for the metrically
impaired way below 70F.
This comfortable climate is found only in the wider
La Paz basin.
North and south of here it is totally different.
$ 344.00/month
$ 398.00 / month
$ 559.00 / month for both
$ 279.00
$ 329.00 / month
$ 289.00
$ 395.00
Here is the graphic about the spaces at our RV park.
The lots marked # 2 are unified right now, used by a really big RV, but can be divided
again if necessary.
The rent listed there does not include the tax, which is right now 16% plus 3 % Hospedaje,
water and electric. Figure about $ 10 Dollar / month for water and between $ 20 to
$ 50 Dollar a month for electric. It all depends on how much you will use.
It is clearly visible that there is plenty of room for a little garden, outside kitchen,
big patio or what ever you have in mind.
There is not just a small concrete spot with no room at all. Here is a real living place
and since the climate is perfect, the living is done outside most of the time anyway.
Oh, and your dog is welcome here if you pick up after him and doesn't bark
day and night.