100 SQ meter (= 1,100 sq feet for the metric impaired) of great living.
Casa Sonrisa has one bed room and is right beside the swimming pool in a
beautiful tropical setting with flowers, giant cacti and palm trees. The perfect
setup for a couple for an unforgettable, romantic vacation.
The spacious living room has very comfortable Equipales, typical Mexican furniture and a stereo with CD
player. The Futon sofa can be converted into a twin bed.
The bed room has two comfortable beds with great, firm orthopedic mattresses or optional a King-Size bed,
which is usually wanted by someone with cold feet.
The kitchen has a dining section, a 4 burner
gas stove with oven, there is a microwave, the
water at the double sink is absolute clean and
potable, the fridge holds plenty of beer and
Tequila and may be even some food.
There is an array of electric appliances, all pots,
pans, plates and silverware and even a rolling
pin to let the hubby feel like home when he
comes back "late and loaded". HA
Everything needed is here.
What could be more beautiful than enjoying a Margarita at the spacious
tiled patio, the mild evening breeze carries the typical tropic scent, millions
of stars rarely seen up north glittering in the velvet sky and the air is filled
with the tropical noises.
We call her Martha and she is one of the
noise maker at night. She is nesting at the
palm tree and is not shy at all.
Here are other places at our Hacienda where guests
can have a great time
2 Bed room bungalow
Flor de Jamaica
the honeymoon bungalow
The whole week of unforgettable vacation at Casa Sonrisa is
only $ 390.00 Dollar plus tax.
After one week it is pro rated and the week start at the arrival day.
To find out if we have a vacancy, drop us an e-mail at
We have free cars but only for our
guests who
also can drive a stick shift.
For more info click the picture.
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